Working of Amazon Deep Composer

Adil Shehzad
2 min readJun 24, 2020

How its Work

  1. Input melody captured on the AWS DeepComposer console
  2. The console makes a backend call to AWS DeepComposer APIs that triggers an execution Lambda.
  3. Book-keeping is recorded in Dynamo DB.
  4. The execution Lambda performs an inference query to SageMaker which hosts the model and the training inference container.
  5. The query is run on the Generative AI model.
  6. The model generates a composition.
  7. The generated composition is returned.
  8. The user can hear the composition in the console.
  9. The user can share the composition with SoundCloud.

Training Architecture

  1. User launches a training job from the AWS DeepComposer console by selecting hyperparameters and data set filtering tags
  2. The backend consists of an API Layer (API gateway and lambda) write request to DynamoDB
  3. Triggers a lambda function that starts the training workflow
  4. It then uses AWS Step Functions to launch the training job on Amazon SageMaker
  5. Status is continually monitored and updated to DynamoDB
  6. The console continues to poll the backend for the status of the training job and update the results live so users can see how the model is learning