Introduction to Amazon Elastic Computing (EC2)- A Quick Start Guide

Introduction to Amazon Elastic Computing (EC2)- A Quick Start Guide

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or Amazon EC2, a web service that provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud. In this blog, I am going to provide you an overview of this service and also demonstrate using outlines and also with a youtube video that helps you to build and configure an Amazon EC2 instance.

Benefits of Amazon Elastic Computing :

  • Pay As you go
  • The broad selection of HW/SW
  • Global Hosting Service

You can found more information on

Requirements :

  • AWS Registered Account
  • Operating System With Administrator Control
  • PuTTYgen

Creating AWS EC2 :

You can easily create your first EC2 on your AWS Account. Follow these steps to create your first AWS EC2

  • Login to AWS Console
  • Choose a Region
  • Launch EC2 Wizard
  • Select Instance Type (HW)
  • Configure Network
  • Configure Storage
  • Configure Key Pairs
  • Launch & Connect Using CMD

Demonstration outlines for AWS EC2:

  • Choose an Amazon Image Machine(AMI)
  • Choose an Instance Type(Free Tier Eligible)
  • Configure Instance Details
  • Add Storage
  • Add Tags
  • Configure Security Groups
  • Launch your Instance

Watch the video if you have a problem in Creating AWS EC2

Complete Video Demonstration:

Wrapping Up :

Yeah, AWS is hard to learn for the first time but I am sure that this blog helps you to create your first Elastic Computing on Amazon Web Services easily. I am Always Available to Help you out with Webinars, Blogs, and Tutorials. Reach me out on any of these platforms



Originally published at on May 21, 2020.




DevOps Engineer - Author

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Adil Shehzad

Adil Shehzad

DevOps Engineer - Author

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