GitKraken -A Perfect GUI Git Client or not? Part 1

GitKraken A Perfect GUI Git Client or not?

What is Git ?

Git lets you store the entire history of a software project in a repository, and introduce changes to that repository in a controlled way, allowing coordination between many people without accidentally overwriting or corrupting files.

What is GitKraken?

Axosoft GitKraken is a cross-platform Git client with efficiency, elegance and reliability at the core. It was made for devs by devs.

Installing Git

You can official download Git

How to use Git

Installing & Unpacking GitKraken

Gitkraken account creation is simple and you can absolute choose free Gitkraken Price package and if you are a student then GitKraken Provide 1 year Pro Package for GitHub students having active Github Student Developer Pack.

Simple Download Gitkraken using this Referal link and get rewards and Support Other Developer too.

Unpacking Gitkraken


In GitKraken’s main interface, we have everything we need. In the left panel, we have information about the project, such as local branches, the remote repositories added to the project and their branches, stashes, tags, and sub modules. The project’s history and the work in progress are in the center, and we can see our work in tree diagram GUI. In the right panel, we can see details of any commit we select from the history, we can also change our files and commit again using push command. At the top, we have Undo,Redo,Push,Pull,Branch,Stash,Pop,Board & Timelines command and we can also use search button that we can use to look for commits.

Main Panel

Main Panel-GitKraken

Repository Panel

Left Panel

File Editor

The range of options you have for each commit

Set Upsteam

Branch from a historic commit

Cherrypick from commit

Revert the commit

Edit the commit message

Deleting the commit (and remote versions of it)

Creating a tag from a commit

How to use Gitkraken using Git & GitHub

Features I would like to see in Future Update

  • Multiple repositories at a time.

Wrapping Up Part 1

I try my best to give you best information for GitKraken Git GUI Tool . I think if you have made it this far you can probably guess what I am going to suggest you do next. Download the Kraken and try it for yourself! See you in Second Part.




DevOps Engineer - Author

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Adil Shehzad

Adil Shehzad

DevOps Engineer - Author

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